Leaking Shower

Is your shower leaking ?

Having a bathroom that’s seen better days is a common problem across australia. If you ever had to renovate a water-damaged space, it’s likely you know the hassle of having waited too long to initiate shower leak repairs.

Why do showers leak?

As buildings move, walls crack, causing gaps between the tiled walls and the shower floor. These cracks – as well as those that you can see in old, crumbly grout – retain moisture and let water out.

Additionally, hard brushes and harsh cleaning chemicals that we often use to get rid of dirt and mould can weaken grout and sealants. Meanwhile, other causes include damaged waterproofing membranes (or those not installed), cracked tiles, pipes leaking behind the wall or problems with the actual drain.

The signs to watch out for

Warped walls, buckling floors, stains, mould and a musty smell are all signs that you have a problem at hand.

While it’s tempting to fix the issue yourself, it’s crucial that you invest in quality shower repairs from professionals who can tackle the job immediately. Often, underlying issues or extended problems require significant amounts of testing – something our experts are effectively qualified in.

Additionally, it’s easy to make mistakes when you are doing your own leaking shower repairs. For example, putting silicone on both sides of the screen may sound like a good idea, but it can actually cause the water to run back into the tray. For this reason, we always highly recommend enlisting the help of a professional who understands all facets of the issue at hand.

Why you need an expert in shower leak repairs

Depending on the damage and the quality of the products that you use, DIY solutions can work, but only temporarily. Regular maintenance will prevent issues from occurring again, as well as increase the integrity of the space overall.

Apart from the visible signs of a leak, there may also be other issues that you’re unable to spot – such as problems behind tiles or taps. In these cases, you’ll require a professional to remove the tiles, replace the waterproofing membrane and then carry out the retiling process. At Aqua Leak Detection we use cutting-edge methods and equipment that often allows us to find the most cost-effective solutions that are long-lasting and able to support your budgets.