Burst Pipe Detection

How to Detect Burst Pipe Leaks

Everyone knows the dreaded feeling of finding out a pipe has burst. The Common symptoms of ‘Oh No my house is flooded’ Regret, ‘Why is there black mould here?’ anxiety and ‘How much is this going to cost me?’ stress.

But these are not really symptoms of a burst pipe, these are symptoms of finding out a pipe has burst too late. So how do you cure yourself of these symptoms before they even begin?

Notice the signs

There are many ways to tell that a pipe has burst, and you’ve probably noticed them already. So, here are some questions to ask yourself to check and ensure your Pipes aren’t going to cost you a fortune.

  1. Have you noticed your water bill spiking and yet you have not really increased your water usage habits? For once, it may not be the utilities fault, there’s a good chance that if there is a bizarrely large increase in your water usage, you could be facing a burst pipe.
  2. Have you noticed a change in how the water tastes? – Yes, this may sound like a metaphor, but it is a huge indicator of rusty pipes. Don’t put off your intuition and just drink water from the fridge, trust your gut and get it checked out.
  3. Has the back lawn begun to get a little too soft, maybe to the point where it resembles a swamp more and more every day? If so, there is a good chance that your backyard is being affected by a burst pipe. A leak in the pipes can cause a far too effective watering system in yo1ur backyard that we suggest you get amended.
  4. Has the shower’s pressure suddenly decreased? It is not just an inconvenience, if your taps begin to have less and less pressure there’s a good chance that water is going somewhere else.

So, do I go call a plumber near me?

A leak. Big mistake, a lot of local plumbers and tradesmen are looking to make a mountain out of a mound. In most cases, a builder and tiler/plumber will suggest ripping up the whole shower or balcony, which, in most cases, is not necessary, because it could just be silicone which may be missing or faulty, or a bad shower screen seal, or perhaps an unsealed drain.


Here at Aqua Leak Detection we can inspect your suspicions and ensure you’re quoted the right amount for the right services. We can make sure you know how to get exactly what you need without being upsold, It’s the secret to plumbing jobs most tradespeople don’t want you to know. So, click the link below to call us now and save yourself some money and save yourself the hassle.

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