Leak Detection Services
in Melbourne

To assist during these troublesome times, we are waiving all call-out fees. We understand how important it is to protect your home.

Trusted Water Leak Detection Services in Melbourne

Positioned at the forefront of the industry, we’ve established a name for non-invasive, trustworthy water leak detection services for Melbourne. Focused on residential leak detecting services, be it showers or balconies. Our consultants are equipped with essential equipment and best-in-class technology to helps us detect leaks efficiently. Backed by our team of experienced experts, we’ve come to recognise our passion for revealing leaks across a wide variety of contexts, in return guiding you to the right phase in repairs to resolve the issue as cost efficient, yet highly effective way as possible. Without having you pay excess amounts of money for any unnecessary repairs.


Thermal Imaging

This allows us to inspect areas that are not visible to the naked eye.

Moisture Meter Readings

Detection of true moisture readings behind surface areas.


We provide our clients with a comprehensive report detailing our findings.

Course of Action

We advise our clients to the right course of action for the next phase of repairs.

Water leak detection services you can count on

We haven’t just dived into the industry without the foresight to deliver the best possible results. Through stringent training, our professionals are well-versed in applying respectful and careful techniques to assist with leaks of all kinds. Moreover, we’re known for helping direct our clients onto the right path, providing you with the critical steps to tackle any issues at hand. Through this transparent approach, we offer Melbourne and metropolitan surroundings a suite of services that give an end-to-end solution.

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Our non-invasive services can save you hard-earned money. Allow us to assist you with:
• Residential solutions
• Thermal reports and moisture readings for showers, balconies and wet areas
• Guidance for necessary repairs to resolve the issue
• Thermal imaging detection
• Emergency services
• Pinpointing ‘mystery leaks’

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Why invest in professional leak detection?

A lot of the time, you don’t always know you have a leak until it’s too late. Once you’ve sat on the fence and waited to decide on whether to get a professional in, it’s likely damage has already been done. Putting it off any longer means you may be allowing disaster to strike, inevitably costing you hefty bills in emergency repairs to eliminate the problem.

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Delivered through routine services, we recommend you frequently have your property – checked for any threats, allowing you to keep on top of any issues before they come around. Best of all, our services are designed to deliver you these solutions without any need to cause destruction to find potential leaks around your property; thanks to our advanced technology, we’re able to apply non-invasive methods that get the job done without leaving a trail of damage. And saving you your hard earned money.
Additionally, choosing to get a team like Aqua Leak Detection in Melbourne into your property means you can avoid the need for expensive repairs, plumbing emergencies and significant damage across the board. Offering no call out fee and comprehensive reports, we can grant you the peace of mind you’ve been missing.

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How to get started

We understand that you may not know what direction to head towards in order to keep your property free from leaks and threats. Contact our local Melbourne specialists for a transparent discussion on how we can best meet your needs.